Touched From Above

Personal Lessons from God

by Linda M. Hanahan


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I don't exactly mean to question Your wisdom here, Lord, but I'm merely wondering if, by some slim chance, You might possibly have me confused with someone else. Writing is not my thing at all! "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord . . ." Not in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought my life would take such a major turn in just two short years. God caught this unsuspecting soul entirely off guard! It is a humbling privilege to share with you God's hand in my life . . . how this recent journey with Him began and how my relationship with Him has continued to grow . .


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Excerpt from "Sunrise" It is around 7:00 a.m. I have been awaiting the sunrise for over an hour. As I sit on the second floor balcony, I can block out the street below and the little town off to my left. Looking straight ahead, I see only the Pacific Ocean, the coastal mountains, and the glowing sky. The sun is just beginning to make its appearance! I hear the crashing of waves and the sounds of geese and other birds. There is enough light to distinguish the trees, the plants, and the flowers. I notice birds gliding effortlessly through the sky. As I try to absorb this almost "perfect setting," I imagine the world as God created it to be . . . serene, unspoiled, peaceful.

It is 7:15. The sun is now fully visible over the top of the mountains and is so bright I cannot focus on it. Since I began watching, it has gone from reddish-orange to yellow to white. The brilliance is so intense, it hurts my eyes, but I keep trying to look at it! I can't help it! I want to be able to take in all its brilliance, but I have to keep turning my eyes away. Focusing on it is virtually impossible. It is 7:45. I put on my sunglasses, and even though I can now glance at the sun for a slightly longer period of time, it is actually rather disappointing. I do not want to diminish that incredible brilliance in any way! As I close my eyes, I am aware of the sun's warmth on my face . . . and of the Creator, whose intensity, like that of the sunlight, encompasses much more than I can possibly "take in." I notice that there is one particular section of the ocean where the sun's light shines most directly . . . a concentrated area that sparkles and glistens much more than the rest of the ocean around it. The sun obviously sheds its light on everything, but as I look to either side of that specific area and beyond it, the glistening gradually becomes less and less. Looking out at the water, I got to thinking how everyone benefits from the light of the sun, whether he or she realizes it or not! I thought about that area of the ocean beyond the most direct rays and likened it to those people who do not know the love of God. Then I thought about that specific "sparkly" area of the water, fully aware that it did not glisten on its own. It only reflected what came directly from the sun. We, as believers in Christ, reflect His light. The light of Jesus shines through us. The source of our light is the Son.


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Linda M. Hanahan

Linda M. Hanahan is a graduate of Western Illinois University and is a retired elementary school teacher. Several of her individual writings have been printed for distribution, but this is her first published collection. She and her husband Bob currently live in Florida. They have two grown children, Cory and Kristin.

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