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The Money Belt

Hapless, thirty-something, loner, Willie Salo, finds an old, black, money belt. The discovery spurs his imagination to new heights as he sets to work on a plan to steal a fortune, win back ex-girlfriend, Carmen, and live the good life.

An evening at the Flat Squirrel bar and a steamy meeting with Carmen firms his shaky resolve.

The plan develops a life of its own when handsome, young, bank president, Eric Kramer, has car trouble and stops at the Squirrel to make a phone call. A battle of wits begins, and nothing is sacred, as Willie works every angle to convince Eric to rob his own bank.

With more twists and turns than a two-rut road. Northern Michigan is the setting as Willie puts it all on the line in, The Money Belt.


Book Excerpt

Willie opened the heavy wooden front door of the Flat Squirrel and was immediately assaulted by a thick cloud of smoke. With the practiced nose of a veteran honky-tonk sommelier, he noted a well-proportioned mixture of cigarettes, beer, sweat, perfume and marijuana. About forty men and women danced, laughed, drank and attempted to exchange relevant personal information in direct competition with a thousand-watt jukebox that was bludgeoning the audio spectrum with the blues-rock classic Your Man’s Gone Wrong. Willie loved it! He started singing along as he made his way through the crowd toward the bar. “Snuff out the God-damned light, and straighten up the bed. You can’t make it on your charm this time, gonna have to use your head. ’Cause your luck’s done gone. Your man’s gone wrong.” The last word came out more like “rogg” as a huge hand closed around his throat. Willie struggled to keep his composure as blood flow to his brain slowed to a trickle and his lungs pumped frantically to recycle oxygen. His lips mouthed the name Moose, but the only sound that came out was a squeaky “ooohs”.


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Alan Robertson

Alan Robertson earned a BS and MA from Northern Michigan University, and lives in Fresno, California with his wife and two children.

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