Shortcut to Ordinary Differential Equations

by Scott Imhoff


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Teach yourself ordinary differential equations in a fraction of the time most courses take!

This book consists of twenty articles, each teaching a single technique. Each article contains examples and exercises with answers to provide the immediate feedback needed to reinforce your learning. The book serves as a great introduction to differential equations for those who may be new to the subject or it can be used as a supplement for those who are taking a course out of a different book. It's also perfect as a review for those who have taken a course in the past and need to refresh their skills.


Book Excerpt

The harmonic oscillator, Eq. 1-5, describes everything from capacitor tuning of an AC circuit to the vibrations of displaced atoms in a crystal lattice. On the other hand, the applicability of the exponential decay model, Eq. 1-6, runs the gamut from describing the rate at which neutrons decay into protons, electrons, and anti-neutrinos to predicting the rate of disappearance of froth in a mug of beer.


About the Author

Scott Imhoff

Scott A. Imhoff received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from University of Maryland Baltimore County. He has taught mathematics at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He is currently a Senior Principal Systems Engineer at Raytheon Company in Woburn Massachusetts.

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