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If you want to attain your greatest desires,

fortune-tellers Winston and Mildred Benford are

the people to see. There's just one deadly,

little catchS.

In the small town of Maysville, students from Williams College have been experiencing the strangest phenomena. Some are drawn to the strange old couple who live in the creepy house. Others are coaxed. But some rush there, believing that it's the chance of a lifetime. "Now, what is it that you want to know?" Winston asked, settling into the chair opposite her. "Well," Hope responded, "I will be graduating from college at the end of this semester, and I want to know what lies ahead for me." "Then let's find out," Winston said. He peered intently into the glass ball set in the center of the table. The glass was murky, as if filled with smoke. He slowly rubbed it with his hands. In a low, soft voice, he said, "I can see that you want to be successful, more successful than everyone around you." Hope frowned. "What's wrong with that? Look, I want to know exactly what lies ahead for me," Hope said. "I want to know what I need to do." Why let fate decide your future, when you can shape your own destiny?


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BOOK REVIEW: THE SOUL COLLECTORS BY CHARLES QUINCE We hope you enjoy this book review by Mary Z.. In a small college town in Virginia, there is a spooky old house and a spooky old couple, Mildred and Winston, who only want you to see and change your future. There is even a spooky assistant named Kim, not Igor, who tries to “fit in” with the college students. David is suspicious of this whole arrangement and is determined to keep his new love, Monica, from these nefarious characters. Other co-eds have been duped and meet spooky ends as well as the well-respected college librarian, Mrs. Davis. Although only seventy-eight pages long, this novella has all the ingredients of a “horror-with-a-parable” yarn. Mr. Quince has written the definitive story of “be-careful-what-you wish-for”. If it comes true, you will not like the results! This book is charming and well-written guaranteed to put a smile on your face and leave you with the reminder that if it looks to good to be true…it is. Charles Quince is currently a librarian assistant and blends his wide range knowledge of myth and horror into a wonderful modern-day cautionary fable. He is working on another book, The Persistant Objector and Customary International Law, which sounds as intriguing as this one. I would recommend this tale to everyone. It is scary, funny, and short. REVIEWED BY MARY Z.


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Charles Quince

Charles Quince is currently employed as a librarian assistant and is working toward his Master's Degree in Library Science from Clarion University in Pennsylvania. He holds both a BA and a JD, and is in the process of publishing another book, The Persistent Objector and Customary International Law.

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