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Alex could not believe what he'd found!

The setting of this story is a small rural town in Pennsylvania. The plot concerns the unexpected and sometimes humorous, events that occur when Alex and his best friend discover an abandoned nest with one egg. Thinking that it will be fun to have a duck for a pet, Alex is determined to hatch it. He soon discovers that having a duck for a pet is a little more then he bargained for.


Book Excerpt

Alex picked up the egg carefully and smelled it.Then he took off his favorite baseball cap and
put the egg and part of the nest into it."I'm going to take it home."
"What for? It'll start to stink if you put it with
your rock collection," Luke said.
" Duh! Nooo kidding," Alex laughed. "Maybe it'll hatch. It would be fun to have a duck for a pet."


About the Author

Ryke Leigh Douglas

Ryke Leigh Douglas is a recently retired elementary teacher. She has had a love for reading since childhood and received her MA as a reading specialist from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. Her years of work in the classroom and her own enjoyment of reading have inspired her to write for children. It is her earnest hope that what she writes will not only help children to discover the joy of reading, but will provide parents and teachers with stories that are not just entertaining but will lend themselves to nurturing positive attitudes, good character traits, and encourage thinking "outside the box." Sam's Surprise is the second in a series of recent pursuits, with work progressing quickly on the third.

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