Missing in America (Our Sons)

by Alfonso Gamble Sr


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In this war we will need a few (To bring them back alive)

Alfonso Gamble Sr., is a disabled Vietnam veteran, the author of Looking At You Finding Myself. The author hopes to take you another inspiring journey within. On this journey he found from within, Truth from the Creator of all mankind. That taught him where as a father not only did he fall from grace with his sons, but also with the fatherless sons, as well. He was given these lessons an classes on this journey to higher learning from within from many classrooms in earth school of life given him by creator of mankind he believe. That enable him to hear the cries from our young men dying in this war that we created with our lies (misinform information) the enemy. So let not leave them on the battlefield to die with this enemy, when we can bring them home alive with our truth that we have learn from our journey within to truth, or will we help our male seed become extinct.


About the Author

Alfonso Gamble Sr

Alfonso Gamble Sr. was born in Richmond, Virginia, raised in Orangeburg, South Carolina. A combat infantry soldier, he received many awards, including the Combat Infantry Badge, along with the Purple Heart, Silver Star and the Bronze star with (v) device. Now, with the help of his Creator, he has received something more important than any of those medals from that war. Now, he has received a purpose in life from the creator of life.

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