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Can an Adoptee find Happiness?

Paul Kimball, an adoptee and musician, explores his feelings of abandonment as he reunites with his birth parents. After a brief reunion, he is rejected by his birth mother, a concert cellist. In despair, he finds his Armenian birth father whose first words to him were “Son, I love you.” Adoptees have unanswered questions and unfulfilled wishes. With whom do we belong? Can we find a sense of acceptance when our first experiences were of rejection and separation? Is there room for happiness?


About the Author

Paul Kimball

Paul Kimball is an active musician, choir teacher, French Hornist and actor in Stockton, California. As a baby he lived in Foster Care, and was eventually adopted by a liberal Berkeley family in the 1960s. He is married to Doctor Dominee Muller-Kimball. They have two daughters, Ashley and Alyssa.