This God Is A Strange Fellow

1322 Walnut Street

by Margaret Wilson-Quinn


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It's Not How You Start That Counts.

Oftentimes life does not deal you the hand that you desire. However, you can turn it around if you have faith and never give up. Margaret Wilson-Quinn depicts the lives of black Americans in a small mid-western community during the late 1940's who turn tragedy into triumph. This book is perfect for young people who have experienced the loss of a parent.


Book Excerpt

Well, for two weeks we heard all kinds of stories about the au-to-mo-bile. Some said if you get on it you can't stop it. Others said if you got close to it, you would be sucked right into the engine and chewed up.


About the Author

Margaret Wilson-Quinn

Margaret Wilson-Quinn resides in Middletown, Ohio and is the mother of four. She graduated from Central State University of Ohio. Margaret has taught in the public school systems in Ohio, Alabama and Georgia. She also has a teaching ministry in the gospel. She believes that it matters not how meager your beginning or how checkered your past,'if ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land'. Isaiah 1:19

Not everyone will be a sports icon, music mogul,or an entrepreneur. Many books have been written about how to succeed in these careers; but she felt the need to address how one struggles victoriously while 'pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus'. Phil.3:14