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This is a deep and soulful description of emotions, feelings and inspirational moments in the life of one. These are memorable memories scripted in poetic form that shaped a life.


About the Author

Patrick Scott

Patrick Scott was born in the southwest Alabama county of Choctaw. When he entered elementary school his family moved to Washington County, Alabama, town of Leroy. He attended Prestwick High School nearby, until his junior year. Patrick would graduate from Carver High School, Columbus, Georgia. After high school, he served in the US Army. While in the military, Patrick began writing poetry. Some he published in the Stars & Stripes army newspaper. After serving in the military, he would go on to earn two associate degrees. He continued writing, and eventually worked as a photo/journalist for the Columbus Times Newspaper, Columbus, Georgia. His writing talents earned him several awards, but he never decided to publish any of his works until now.