A Book of Poetry

by K. Kalyaan Davis


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Why do we waffle over our ambitions? Who makes us waffle when we desire to do better? Why do we allow this to happen when we have so many skills, abilities and talents? As you walk through the pages of this intriguing book of poetry you will see through your mind’s eye life’s experiences, trials and tribulations. You will see and feel happiness, joy and sorrow, beginnings, endings and in between. Life's struggles, emotions, dreams and anxieties, where will they take me, where will they take you. I was so inspired by my friends who experienced life shattering events. My empathy is deep, my compassion is undeniable and my help to them was a listening ear, a hug, prayers and poetry. If I could help one person feel a little better through written word then that is what I always aimed to do. I loved seeing their reaction and feel them relate to words personalized for them. I saw their tears, pain and frustration then I felt their joy. I hope you enjoy the travels of life as you open your mind through poetry. May the words contained within help you feel better no matter what you are going through. The words I am sharing with you, I have shared with those I love.


About the Author

K. Kalyaan Davis

K. Kalyaan Davis has been writing most of her life and finally decided to share with the world one of the things she loves to do most, write poetry, children’s books and fiction. She lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband and seven year old American Pitt Bull Terrier. She has three wonderful children and four grandchildren. She loves teaching individuals about our Creator, singing and studying the Khmer (Cambodian) foreign language.

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