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She is sexy, strong, and he needs her to pull him out of the dark.

Validity is a smart, erotic romp of a debut novel featuring Elizabeth Marcello, a brilliant and beautiful businesswoman who is devastated when she learns that her family company, Taylor Enterprise, is on the verge of bankruptcy. Immediately she sets out to find Dominic Taylor. Their fathers were best friends and business partners who founded Taylor Enterprise together, then passed it down to their children to continue the legacy. But Dominic, the major stockholder, is grief-stricken with the loss of his father and has let the company fall to ruin. Elizabeth comes to Dominic’s aid—to try and save the business and pull Dominic out of his self-destructive funk. She hasn’t seen her childhood crush for ten years, but the years have done nothing to diminish the sparks that fly between them. Maybe, Lizzy thinks, if she can have him just one time, she’ll be able to get him out of her system, close the door to the past, and move forward…


About the Author

H. O'Neill

H. O’Neill was born on a small island and lived there until she was eight; her father then decided to go active in the military, and the family traveled the world. O’Neill is a wife and the mother of two wonderful children. Validity is her first book.