Using the Sword of the Spirit

Scriptures for Everyday Needs

by Jacqueline J Mortenson


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Have you ever searched for a scripture when you, or someone you knew, were in need of healing, protection, or financial provision? For over seventeen years, Jacqueline Mortenson volunteered at a scriptural prayer line at her church. She received daily telephone calls and prayer requests from parishioners and others who knew about the line, and she or one of the core group would find the right scripture to meet each request. The following morning, forty-plus prayer line members would pray these scriptures for the people who had called for them. Realizing that a simple handbook of scriptures for specific needs, particularly for Catholics, would be useful, Jacqueline spent the next few years gathering and categorizing scriptures to address particular concerns. Using the Sword of the Spirit is the result of this work.

Whatever your own needs might be, God’s Word has the answer—and this little book will help you find it!


About the Author

Jacqueline J Mortenson

Jacqueline Mortenson grew up in northern Wisconsin, attended Catholic school taught by Franciscan nuns, and today resides with her husband, Dick, in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. They have four grown children.