Urban Crofting

A New Circle of Life Without Oil

by Cliff Williams


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There was a period of time that set in motion a cataclysmic chain of events from which we are the unfortunate benefactors. Mankind’s fall from grace is still continuing today beautifully clothed in science and technology. The degradation has marched downward so slowly and steadily that nobody ever thought anything was wrong. Underneath this beautiful façade of technological promises lies a genetically modified, nutritionless, oil driven existence that is draining our lives and the life of our home, the Earth. The future we are creating now is irreparable; our only hope is our past. Meet the Essenes, an ancient people, who lived the life so many of us are searching for. By gleaning of their customs, I have been able to incorporate some of their daily lifestyles into a new personal, family sized agricultural lifestyle, available even in urban neighborhoods. You can’t save a world that doesn’t want to be saved, but you can save your family. Urban Crofting is about finding a way to counteract some of the devastating effects of the lifestyle we’ve created. So many are seeking the sustainable lifestyle these days with high expectations, only to find it is romantically cloaked in antiquated methods, almost medieval.