Two Sides of a Gun & Don't Sleep on The Game

by Maceo Mays


Book Details

the hottest new thriller..laws of the streets two sides of a gun, many say eye for eye, killed or be kill. don’t sleep on the game,

two kingpins collide in the mean street of cleveland in this thriller. frank B is the nephew and uncle lanz is the mastermind behind the scheme for power over the drug game. uncle lanz also represents the crooked side of the law which adds to the volatile situation that is building. tayeon was put in the drug trade by frank B, and now finds himself standing between loyalty to his cousin and the murderous plans of uncle lanz-only his street sence and his understanding of the game can save his life...but the lives of frank B and uncle lanz hang in the balance. in this story of crooked justice and rise of a street lord. kill or be killed. its Two sides of a gun! Don’t sleep on the game When the streets claims a father’s life, the betrayal of a right hand man is exposed. as the murderer serves his ten-year sentence, his child grows into young manhood. after serving his time, the murderer struggle to reconnect with his son and supports him as he rise in the music industry. but what come around goes around as the young rapper soon find out. no matter what happens in life, you should never sleep on the game...


About the Author

Maceo Mays

maceo takes the reader inside the crooked law of justice, and the survival of many poverty black men and other, rise to power. seeking only way out is criminal acts and the hectic drug trade. the life is heartless, and everyone is out for self. maceo is no stranger of the dramatical street life, prison he now raise a family. and write on his spare time.

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