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Two Little Golfers is a cute, inspiring story about Alice and Izzy who learn the value of a positive attitude, while they are playing golf with Coach Jenn. She shows them how much more fun, and how much better they do with a positive attitude. The amazing illustrations are bright colored and give the book a lot of charm. A delightful book to be enjoyed by all ages.


Book Excerpt

"Great putt, Alice!" said Coach Jenn. "Nice putt!" said Izzy. "You must have been thinking positive thoughts before you hit that ball," Coach Jenn said.


About the Author

Jenn Holt

I, Jenn Holt, am a Class A LPGA professional @ Murrieta Valley Golf Range. I played competitive golf since age 10. I was on the AJGA All American First Team, played college golf at San Diego State, competed on the Players West Tour, and graduated with honors from Professional Golfers Career College. I have been teaching adults and juniors for 25 years, and love making the process simple, positive, and fun. I am now the proud author of TWO LITTLE GOLFERS. Enjoy my book.