Twisting My Kaleidoscope

by Shannon Love


Book Details

A ticket into the world of psychosis.

Our author carefully places you in an enchanted bubble, transiting you from one scene to the next. As you position yourself to view what best suits you, she unbars the door to her therapy sessions, uncovers the blanket of her thoughts, unlocks the key to her journal, and extends temporary access to her physical being. Imagine this impervious bubble, imprisoning you from the moment you choose to indulge—your desperate cries for release denied until an end is reached. Absolved from such a captivity, you can close the book when exhaustion hammers at your head and anxiety stabs your chest. This luxury evades the psychotic. Instead, she is forced to trek the turbulent terrain in its entirety.


About the Author

Shannon Love

Shannon Love began life in rural Alabama as a seemingly stable and content youngster. After marrying her childhood sweetheart she continued on this path of fulfillment, expanding her household to five members and thoroughly enjoying a nomadic and international lifestyle. Three countries and five states later our author suffered a psychotic break, forcing her into yet another world—that of mental illness. Repatriated to the U.S., she now resides in Houston, Texas with her husband, two sons, and daughter.



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