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Curious young minds can ask some pretty funny questions. Sometimes, they can be more serious and quite difficult to answer. Such as, when a pet or a loved one passes away. What’s in Your Heaven? was written to help answer that inevitable question and ease the pain of loss. So, grab a blanket, snuggle up and let your imagination take you to that beautiful place we call Heaven!

This book serves as a valuable tool for parents to help children of all ages through the dificulty of loss. This will never be an easy subject but this book will certainly help guide the way.


About the Author

Paige Priscilla

Paige Plank is a Texas native who has an intense love for dogs. Paige has been a foster parent to many sick or injured dogs over the years. She also has a deep desire to help people overcome the struggle we all face with the loss of a pet or loved one. What’s in Your Heaven? was written to be used as a tool in the grieving process and to encourage the imagination to soar.



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