Tucker and Ripley's Adventure on Presque Isle

by Eugene H. Ware


Book Details

Tucker and Ripley’s Adventure On Presque Isle

On a bright and sunny summer morning, Tucker Turtle and Ripley Rabbit decide to meet the many animals, birds, and insects that live on Presque Isle State Park located near Erie, Pennsylvania. Their journey is fun, exciting, and educational. Children are sure to be delighted in joining them on their travels throughout the park.

The book is about Tucker, a Painted Turtle, and Ripley a Cottontail Rabbit that live on Presque Isle State Park, but it also takes the reader and child on a tour of the 3,200-acre peninsula that stretches seven miles along the shoreline of Lake Erie. The park welcomes over 4 million visitors each year and is the leading State Park in Pennsylvania. In the book, the child will visit twenty-five places on the park while meeting the various animals that live there.

This heartwarming children's animal book contains many lighthearted illustrations, an informative storyline, and is ideal for reading to children from 2 to 7 years of age. Within the illustrations are many hidden features such as worms racing with an ant flagman declaring a winner, a guitar-playing mouse and many more. The book has over 50 animals, birds, and insects that call Presque Isle their home. This is a book that adults will enjoy reading over and over to children.


About the Author

Eugene H. Ware

EUGENE H. WARE is a local author who retired recently from a 45-year career as a financial consultant. Over the years, Gene let his attention and mind wander into the areas of writing, photography, and history. Most of his nine published books focus on Presque Isle State Park and related subjects. He is currently in the process of writing three new books. One of Gene’s primary goals in writing his books is to get people outdoors exploring, and enjoying nature and the history of this area. If you enjoy his books, visit his Presque Isle blog on Goerie.com/Presque Isle called “A Place for All Seasons” where he usually publishes two articles a week. He has been on the board of directors and served as Chairman of many non-profit organizations such as The Presque Isle Partnership, Second Harvest Food Bank, The Tom Ridge Center Foundation, The Sight Center of NW Pa., and Northwest Pa. Humane Society. He has also served on the Boards of the Presque Isle Lighthouse as Board member and Treasurer and as a board member of the American Red Cross. He recently formed a 50 plus writers group which has a goal of teaching, working with, and encouraging seniors to use their free time to write. The group meets twice a month at the Lincoln Library and also twice a month at The Millcreek Mall Branch Library in Erie, Pennsylvania. He hopes as you read his books that you will be able to slow down, take a minute to reflect on nature, history, and the unique treasure that is Presque Isle State Park. All he wants is that you “ENJOY.”

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