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Mutual Coexistence

Truth De-Code-It is a reflection upon an Era of Deception ending as we awaken out-of-necessity in a Golden Age-of-Global Change. Natural and human-induced conditions necessitate a change; as it is unmistakably clear the systems we have become dependent on, and the way we currently live, are not only unsustainable, they’re not working. Noted Greek Philosopher Plato reportedly said, “The true creator is necessity, who is the mother of all invention”. Einstein, paraphrasing Plato, said, “Necessity is the mother of all invention”. The level of deception and impending-global crises invoke the creative-necessity to implement a naturally-sustainable way out of this human-induced mess commonly referred to as Manifest Destiny. As individuals, and fellow inhabitants of the earth, we have all contributed to its current condition; similarly, we have the ability to change it for the betterment of our families and other species. Necessity served as an inspiration for Truth De-Code-It, which instills a sense of spiritual in situ (change in human consciousness), empowering us toward pathways of sustainable living, improving the quality of life and our abilities to mutually-coexist peacefully, among ourselves, other species, and with nature. Changes will be witnessed as you make them happen, that’s your contribution towards Global Change, one person, one day, at a time.


About the Author

Patrick Porgans

Patrick Porgans is “self-raised and empirically educated.” He has created a way of life to pursue his passion and to sustain his life’s work. Since childhood, he has been endowed with an unquenchable thirst for truth, wisdom, and spiritual fulfillment.