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How can we manage challenges to our broken immigration system?

Trump, Tamales and the American Family offers a balanced view of the real reasons why we have a broken immigration system. The author leads readers on a global tour through heart-warming and heart-breaking stories that explain why we are where we are today with immigration policy. She goes on to propose common sense, compassionate, yet practical solutions to problems including: the undocumented status of 11 million immigrants in the United States, the drug and human trafficking trade from Central and South America, and the agricultural industry's dependence on labor provided by undocumented workers (50% of U.S. farm laborers are undocumented). The author proposes that it’s time to smash our culture of fear, urging us to follow the example of our World War II Greatest Generation who moved to and from countries, building strong economies and exporting peace and prosperity throughout the world. In addition, the author suggests that we should invest in our American family, a family tree with roots and branches that stretch all the way from the top of North America to the bottom of South America. She invites North and South Americans to join one another in a metaphorical kitchen, sharing resources and labor to create a sacred meal, tamales, together, just as extended families of the Americas have been doing for 10,000 years. President Donald J. Trump—the Great Negotiator—is invited to this dinner table to remind him that he can help us move beyond a border wall towards a great transformation of the Americas.


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Margaret Donnelly

Margaret Donnelly received her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree in 1976 and her Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American Studies in 1971 from the University of Texas at Austin. She is an Emeritus Attorney at Law of Texas. Her work includes four novels on important issues that impact the Americas.

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