Treasure Within You

Happy Peaceful Thriving

by Mitra Somerville


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Come home to your inner happiness and peace and thrive

Your inner happiness, peace, love, intuition and creativity is part of your treasure within you, your True Self. Mitra Somerville gives readers the keys to experience these inner treasures through clear narrative, analogies, examples, anecdotes and exercises. Readers are introduced to the monkey mind or ego and how it can sabotage your experience of your inner treasures, how it can create stress and unhappiness in your life. Somerville shows how the monkey mind or ego can be tamed or managed so that the mind becomes calm and clear. When the mind becomes calm, you naturally connect with your inner happiness, peace and love. This creates a solid foundation for you to thrive in your daily life. Thrive in your relationships, family life, career, health and material prosperity. You can achieve your goals and dreams. The book "Treasure Within You" has a companion CD, "Treasure Within You Guided Meditations and Exercises." It has 28 guided meditations, imageries and exercises. All the scripts are included in the book. “Treasure Within You” offers practical and clear guidance to reach that often-elusive peace and joy within. Thank you Mitra, for the plethora of ideas and daily exercises allowing us to enhance our health, happiness, peace, and relationships. It is a must read for anyone wanting to uphold spiritual principles while living in the material world. —Nischala Joy Devi, Teacher and Author, “The Healing Path of Yoga, The Secret Power of Yoga”, a woman’s guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras.


Book Excerpt

Brothers Hamish and Jonas joined a pirate’s ship with promises of a share in the treasures found. The captain assured them that gold and jewels were available in the new world for the taking and that they would become rich. After months of hardship on their voyage, they reached their destination. The crew was excited. They believed that treasure would soon be theirs. Unknown to them, the natives would put up a good fight. Many of the sailors would never see home again. As it turned out, there was very little treasure to be found. Hamish and Jonas were among the lucky ones to escape with their lives. You have an unimaginable treasure within you. You don’t need to risk your life sailing half way around the world to get it. You just need the keys to unlock the treasure within you. What is this treasure? It is deep peace, unconditional love, unending happiness and wise guidance or intuition. It includes boundless energy and creativity. This treasure is your True Self.


About the Author

Mitra Somerville

Mitra Somerville is an author, speaker, trainer, life coach and yoga and meditation teacher. He has been a teacher in the personal development/self-help field in Australia and the U.S.A. for over 30 years. Australian born, Mitra currently resides in San Diego, California with his wife Sakina, and 2 dogs, Drey and Jade.