Traveler's Cookbook

Auto, RV, and Semi Meals Made Easy

by Patricia Churchey


Book Details

Cooking hot meals on the go.

For the traveler, having a hot meal is sometimes a shot in the dark. But with a little creativity, and the right cookware. Even a beginner can have a hot meal while traveling. No high end budget or cooking classes required to use this book. You will know how to change battery power (12 volts) to 110 volts to use common cookware, as you travel.


About the Author

Patricia Churchey

As a professional driver (truck driver) I have cooked many meals on the go. The recipes in the cookbook I have used over more than 20 years on the road. My brothers have tested my recipes while working on job sites. Cooking in the floor of the king cab pickup. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.



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