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The power of thoughts and words—and how they affect our lives.

Our thoughts are frequencies that have the ability to transform our lives in powerful ways. Transformed reveals the potential inside each one of us for greatness, and how we can create a life of personal power and fulfillment. It shares the science and spiritual truths behind our creative words and thoughts, and how we can use them, to break the cycle of destructive thought patterns! With Transformed you will:

Discover the power to be intentional and creative with your thoughts and words.

Become more aware of the spiritual laws of the universe and how to tap into those laws and allow them to work for you rather than against you.

Be the master of your thoughts and intentions by learning to give your brain the right programs until they become automatic responses.

Become more empowered and then help empower others, as you begin to experience firsthand the connection between your thoughts and your reality.

Realize the true power you possess to create a life you love. As your thoughts begin to transform, they will create joyful moments that become joyful days, weeks, months, and years. In turn, you too, will experience a “Transformed life of Joy.”


About the Author

Valerie Sumter

Valerie Sumter is from the Pacific Northwest, but has lived and traveled throughout the United States. Coming from an abusive background caused her to develop a victim mentality in her younger life, so she knows the pain of that negative mindset and the destructive patterns it can create. Valerie now works as a life coach and facilitator to teach others the techniques and principles that keep her on a successful path.



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