An Opera in Three Acts, or One Cat

by Nhan C. Duong


Book Details

The Heartwarming Tale of Opera’s Purr-fect Tenor!

Opera’s renowned baritone, Giuseppe Cantante, had a dream; to build an opera house in the heart of Naples, worthy of the world’s finest tenors. With the grand opening just months away and no tenor to take the lead role in Tosca — a hauntingly beautiful, but challenging opera — Giuseppe was beside himself with worry… Meanwhile, in a dark and lonely alley, a figure sat alone on a broken down fence preparing himself for the evening’s performance. As he calmly groomed a massive paw, he looked like any other extra-large, fluffy alley cat. But looks can be deceiving… Heading his way, down the dimly lit streets of old Naples, was an adventure. A change was coming and he felt it in his very whiskers. He sat patiently, gazing up at the silent moon, waiting…


About the Author

Nhan C. Duong

Nhan is a singer and published poet and holds a degree in Theatre Arts. He lives with his wife in California and is currently owned by two cats (Jenna and Mr. Darcy) and Finn the Wonder Dog. The feline character of Mario in Toscat, is loosely based on Mr. Darcy (who might, or might not, sing Opera).