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Getting a Haircut Can Be Fun!

Have you ever battled with a kid to cut their hair? Like most kids, TomTom does not want to sit still long enough for a haircut. A delightful and humorous tale as Mom figures out a way to give TomTom that so needed trim. Action and adventure abound as TomTom goes through his daily activities, and then guess what? TomTom Loves His Hair!


About the Author

Dot Gibbens

Dot Gibbens is TomTom’s mother, whose character inspired her to write her first children’s book. Be on the lookout for future TomTom books, as Dot brings this crazy, zany, kid to life in her works. Dot Gibbens lives in Ventura, California with her husband Jim, and her three boys, Tyler, Tanner, and of course TomTom!