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The Adventures of a Rancher and His Legendary Dog

When Jim Bower retired, he had an unusual dream—becoming a full-time cattle rancher in the competitive Texas market. He knew what he wanted to focus on . . . producing the beautiful F-1 (Brahman x Hereford) heifers prized by South Texas ranchers. And he was up to date on methods of modern ranching, cattle/pasture rotation, a managed breeding season, a meticulous herd health program, and more. Jim had big plans, but every rancher needs a cattle dog. And that’s where a unique Border Collie, Tom, helped to make Jim a success. While bringing modern management to an old-fashioned business, Jim had the best partner imaginable, a highly intelligent, intuitive, courageous dog who wouldn’t take no for an answer from even the most ornery bovine. From rambunctious puppy full of promise to mature herding dog brimming with instinct and common sense, Tom was a perfect example not only of man’s best friend, but his best business partner. Enjoy these colorful stories of life on a Texas cattle ranch, and get to know Tom—the best Border Collie of them all!


About the Author

Jim Bower

Jim Bower was educated as a journalist, served in the Army, and had a full business career while also being a weekend rancher. And then he got his dream—full-time cattle ranching with a retirement gift: Tom, his “lifetime” dog and his partner. Their cattle and Tom’s feats were widely recognized. After Tom’s passing, Jim devoted his time to playing a prominent role in helping establish protocols for protecting the region’s water supply and the endangered species in it, and in regulating and assuring his county’s water supply.