Today Ended An Hour Ago

The Art of Impersonating Yourself

by Tessia-Yasmine


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Today Ended An Hour Ago

Shortly after moving to San Francisco a young girl Teaha finds herself fleeing the police with her mother and sister. She is given a choice to stay and face social torment and the media's scrutiny regarding her family or disappear. Challenging the duality of freedom and prisoner. Can she commit to the choice she made or will the weight of her past be too much of a burden? 

Inevitably fracturing her identity between who she is and who she must be in order to establish a sense of normality, confronted in moments of reprieve. A life lived is only experienced by the eyes that see it but embraced by those who listen. Today Ended An Hour Ago, based on true events, is a testament to childhood trauma and the formation of independence. Exploiting society's transparent behaviors raising questions about virtue, loyalty and submitting to the role others cast. 

What is left unchanged is chosen to be trusted.



Book Excerpt

In their wordless ways, the turtles taught me that if you stay on the beach where predators are abundant, you only have time to be prey. Spending too much time talking about who you are or who you want to be, you will never actually have enough time to embody that vision and instead fall to the will of the masses. That is why they scurry from egg to shell to sea. If only they had a dollar to spend, would their direction change?



About the Author


Tessia-Yasmine Ladas, 24 years old now lives in a small town in Europe for part of the year, modelling, working with Collective Aid an NGO that supports people on the move and free diving. She wrote Today Ended An Hour as a reflection of her own personal experiences growing up in the US in hopes that perhaps someone can learn something from her mistakes and situations.