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With two powerful, opposing forces at war, one man is caught in the middle.

Ever since childhood, Luke’s nights have been plagued by nightmares centered around a beautiful woman and a malevolent monster. Despite the sleeplessness and debilitating dreams, Luke’s life has been fairly normal—that is, until he learns that this beautiful woman is real. Even more bizarre? This woman has been dreaming about him as well. Suddenly Luke finds his world spiraling into an unknown realm when he discovers the profound link he has with this woman. Powerful forces have placed them in the center of a timeless battle between good and evil, and Luke finds himself facing enemies and friends who conspire to keep him from the truth—a truth that may end up costing him the woman he loves…and maybe even his life. If the woman of his dreams has turned out to be real, could the monster be real too? Thy Will Be Done is a refreshingly modern take on the age-old conflict between light and dark. With its memorable characters and whirlwind of a plot, this book promises to be an unforgettable experience.


About the Author

Julie Fisher

Julie Fisher is a high school English teacher in California. With degrees in English and counseling, her lifelong dream has been to be a writer and to instill her love of reading into others.



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