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Understanding Enlightenment Conversational With Confusion All At Once.

The End And Beginning Of Something 

Through The Land Of The Uncharted

Wacky strange story about theoretical ideas 

the elemental change of atmospheric particles 

that is causing some kind of contained global 

warming climate change.A team of professors

meet up on a travel expedition and begin to 

investigate everything their story's and findings

are bazaar and totally weird because the team is 

not human.


About the Author

Antonio Guttuso

Nothing much not that important ! traveler not a missionist. Searcher of personal chapters unexplainable sciences known or unknown working hard to find a answer that will be changed by the future. Basic person just wanting to enjoy life with happiness. With no hatters.
Some how my personal Biography is not written like most 
why because of private education of self education Yes some of my 
personal history links to inventor and inventions that are something 
like un-identified creations in earthly space that are prehistoric.