Through Their Eyes

by Harshal Mehdi and Aminder Mehdi


Book Details

Cancer is more than just a disease. It changes every part of your life.

Beyond the symptoms, the treatments, the hospital visits, and the endless parade of doctors are the massive life changes that cancer patients must endure, regardless of prognosis. Who are they now? What will other people think? Will they have the same relationship with their loved ones? How should they react? And what should they expect? Through Their Eyes examines these questions from the perspectives of 7 real-life cancer patients as they come to understand what it means to have cancer. Get an inside look at how patients choose to deal with the physical, mental and spiritual ramifications of a life with cancer. More than just revealing the medical issues, this book delves into the life changes that accompany a diagnosis and affect people in ways they would never imagine. From a man who is oddly excited to have cancer to a doctor who misdiagnoses himself to a woman who is damaged by her treatment’s side effects, each story will challenge your conception of what life with this disease is actually like.


About the Author

Harshal Mehdi and Aminder Mehdi

Harshal Mehdi, M.D., is an Internal Medicine resident at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He has been published in Everyday Health Magazine. Aminder Mehdi, M.D., is one of the founders of the Stockton Hematology Oncology Medical Group and chairman of the Department of Medical Oncology at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Stockton, CA.