Through the Eyes of the Substitute

by Debra J. Davis


Book Details

Through the Eyes of the Substitute explores problems faced by students, teachers, and parents, also presents solutions to those problems from a biblical perspective. The goal is to help people to become better equipped to deal with life’s problems and to engage more effectively with one another. Through the Eyes of the Substitute navigates through the life and relationships of all people. With special emphasis on the negative influences and results in the lives of children. Especially those who lack the necessary means to become successful. Also to include methods and biblical direction as to how everyone involved in these children’s lives can make a difference. I ask that you journey with me as I begin to view life Through the Eyes of the Substitute and from a biblical perspective to the struggles in life and those within the school system.


Book Excerpt

Chapter 4 An Endless Journey Many youth fill the backpack of their hearts and minds daily with many things that have a tendency to weigh them down mentally. They have to carry all this baggage to school and throughout their daily activities and are expected to perform at their best.


About the Author

Debra J. Davis

Debra is married and has 1 son, 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter. Debra is a Substitute Teacher for grades K-12th, in Pittsylvania County Virginia, organizer of a community-based non-profit organization, a community activist and a former Qualified Mental Health Professional Counselor. Debra is also very active member at her church. Debra spends countless hours volunteering, serving others in need. Debra has obtained an Associate Degree in Business Administration and a certificate in Education.