Three Little Bayou Fishermen

by Julie T. Lamana


Book Details

Take a trip down the Bayou

With three adorable little fishermen!

Grab a seat, settle in, and get ready to share this heartwarming tale with the “little fishermen” in your life, time and time again! You are about to experience an exciting adventure that will introduce you to an intriguing lifestyle only found within the lush setting of the Louisiana Bayou.

The combination of playful text and the musical rhythms of Lamana’s nicely measured lines, come alive with the beautifully detailed original illustrations created by renowned artist, Steve Blevins.

Inspired by her grandchildren, Julie T. Lamana has used her pen to invite us all to join three charming siblings on an adventure that will continue to delight readers of all ages for many years to come.

Three Little Bayou Fishermen is a gentle reminder that the joy of life is often found in the most simple things of all.


About the Author

Julie T. Lamana

Julie T. Lamana is a retired educator with a strong passion for literacy.

She and her husband, Keith, are blessed with six children, six grandchildren, three dogs, and counting! Originally from Colorado, Julie relocated to Louisiana in 1995. Although the adjustment was a challenge for the Lamana family, they quickly fell in love with the unique culture that Louisiana has to offer.

Three Little Bayou Fishermen is a memorable way to introduce children to life on the bayou.

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