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The physical world is characterized by the seven colors of white light, the three states of ordinary matter and our five senses. Anything beyond these can be said to be spiritual and belongs to the spiritual realm. Evil spirits exist in the spiritual world but interfere with the physical. We sometimes feel them and often suffer from their actions as we continuously fail to recognize their presence and roles. They plan their activities in the spiritual realm and execute them in the physical world. As a result, things go wrong somewhere somehow. Because they work in secret, in silence and out of sight, God or some other being somehow carries the blame. A victim of spiritual attacks, the author puts together his life experiences and ordeals with evil spirits, then uses science, medicine and religion to demonstrate how possible and real the interactions between the spiritual realm and the physical world are, and how they occur with humans as victims. He is a physician with over twenty four years of practice, and a Master of Public health degree from Johns Hopkins School of Public health. Think Beyond the Cause exposes the tricks and lies of the devil. It informs, inspires and educates professionals in all walks of life to be alert, detect and deal with evil, spiritual problems in the lives of humans and in our societies.


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Evil Spirits as Entities Behave Like Humans. The attitudes, actions and behaviors of human beings range from near holy or immaculate to utterly wicked. On the other hand the actions, attitudes and behaviors of evil spirits as observed in encounters with humans range from harmful to utter destruction. In carrying out whatever their missions to the physical world and mankind may be, evil spirits have no sympathy for man as they plan and execute their plans to completion while in the process being cunning and careful to outwit us. When evil spirits attack humans, they seem to assume that we are not capable of mounting effective resistance or contra attacks against them. Their reactions to our efforts to stand up to them, overcome or counteract their missions arouse anger and frustration as shown in their behaviors when they come across obstacles. As it would appear, they carefully study the nature and strength of the weaponry being used against them before determining what they need to do and what steps to take in overcoming those weapons accordingly. They may either increase the intensity of attacks with the equipment they have in use, change the method or process of attack, or use the victims’ own weapons against them in their acts of mischief and vengeance. My intention had been to create continuous violent or turbulent air currents in my room that would prevent spiritual attacks. The air currents would either not permit demonic energy to build up in the room, so that the threshold level for spiritual attacks would not be reached, or to prevent demonic entities from assuming stabilized positions to launch their attacks. With my new plan, I thought this would be an easy, more practical, physical or mechanical way to successfully fend off spiritual attacks. To create violent air currents, I placed an electric fan in my room opposite the bed, making sure the bed was situated in the middle of the one hundred and eighty degree course the fan followed to complete each horizontal, rotational, ventilation cycle. For some time whenever this set up was in place, demonic attacks did not occur and I enjoyed undisturbed sleep. Unfortunately the absence of attacks was short-lived. Developing a reliable, long-lasting mechanical way to deal with evil spirits was far-fetched. Fortunately for me, I had not bragged to any of my sympathizers about the apparently successful new way I had devised to overcome spiritual attacks. I did not know my enemies from the other world had been studying my new equipment, how it functions, and how to beat its mechanism and purpose. They had learned that there were periods in the fan’s movement when the bed was completely free of violent air currents. I cannot say if they knew that there were two such periods and that these periods were at the beginnings and ends of each cycle and each included the delay intervals before its onset. They, however, knew that if they watched and followed up the fan’s movements, it would be easy to recognize window periods when the air over the bed would be calm and launch the attacks. While the fan was at one end, I was woken by a perceptible mass of heavy air that landed on me, accompanied by a deep-penetrating weakening and paralyzing wave that almost completely immobilized me in bed. Realizing it was an attack, I quickly rolled out of bed with my legs landing on the floor ahead of the rest of the body to enable me to assume the sitting position at the edge of the bed before the immobilization was complete. From this encounter I could see a complete, invisible human being with intellectual and cognitive capacities in action. In an effort to stop or reduce spiritual attacks, a relative had helped me acquire apparent immunity or protection against evil spirits from someone he trusted to do the job for me. He had gained the trust as a result of numerous recommendations and knowledge of the man’s reputation for handling spiritual problems in the area. After all the formalities, the immunity was very effective but lasted for just one second. The first attack by the demon that came with the confidence and ease of previous attacks met with a violent reaction as soon as it made contact with my body. It was like an electric shock, which I imagined sent the demon flying into the air. Awoken from my sleep by that reaction, the euphoria that dominated my feelings did not last long. About two or more hours later as I fell asleep, I was convinced that the night would be more peaceful than ever since the beginning of my troubles with evil spirits. Unfortunately for me the demon had only taken the short time off to fortify its powers and I was soon going to experience a demoralizing return. When it came back, the landing on my body seemed to convey anger, lack of concern for consequences, a warning, and a display of might, all aimed at teaching me a lesson for daring to do what I had done. The attack was just as successful as if I had no protection and the impact was more frightening. Rather than panic, I marveled at what had happened and started looking at the spiritual realm as a world of living creatures and not a bunch of inanimate remotely controlled invisible objects floating in the air plotting against humans as I had previously thought. I kept wondering and trying to imagine or understand their nature. I know and understand a lot about the human structure and how it functions, but how can certain things or beings who do not appear to exist by the laws of living things behave and do things like human beings. In my use of salt and water against spiritual attacks, I found the salt solution to be an effective tool that dissipates or prevents demonic energy from building up to attain the level that initiates spiritual attacks. Being effective and cheap to get, it was readily available with little effort. However, I still considered it too much to make a fresh solution each time for single use. To make things much easier, I decided to keep small stocks of salt solution at arm’s length for easy reach each time it was needed. With salt solution my intentions were to replace prayers whenever I was too tired, or became lazy to sacrifice short periods of time for those much needed prayers. Instead of me making use of the salt and water solution against evil spirits, the evil spirits made use of the prepared salt solutions against me. I would spend time in my sleep eating crystallized salt or drinking pure salt solutions. If anyone can imagine what and how he or she will feel when subjected to such experiences in real life, it will reflect the way I felt in my sleep and the quality of sleep I was having. I would fight and wriggle in bed, while feeling heavily oppressive forces in my effort to stop eating or drinking in vain. I was the author of the weapon that was being used to attack me. This was what I quickly recognized and was stunned at what was happening. The solution was not far off and I knew two simple measures would put an end to the mischief and revenge of evil spirits. The practice of making a new salt solution for use each time and smearing the cork and body of the bottle containing the salt solution with virgin olive oil closed the doors to retribution by evil spirits. Because we do not see them, evil spirits exist and operate in the invisible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic waves are not limited by solids and will pass through well secured doors, windows and walls. Evil spirits in the nature of electromagnetic energy will behave in the same way. With the ability of electromagnetic waves to pass through solids, evil spirits can have access to our brains, body tissues and organs. Easy access to our bodies gives evil spirits the freedom to work unchecked and at will because we lack the ability to fend them off. With access to the brain, they are capable of causing mental disease, dreams, abnormal behaviors leading to crime, and incomprehensible ideologies leading to genocide and civil wars. In the same way, access to other body tissues and organs may result in damage leading to gross physical disease while simple functional provocation may result in dysfunctional symptoms. The ability of evil spirits in the nature of electromagnetic energy, to cause physical disease is clearly seen in our use of radiation from the invisible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to diagnose and treat diseases, and the well recognized role of radiation in causation of physical disease as in some types or forms of cancers. Think Beyond the Cause unveils the intricacies in evil spirits versus humans interactions.


About the Author

Godfred A. Amah

Godfred Amah has an MD degree, a Master of Public Health degree and over twenty four years of practice of Clinical Medicine and Public Health.