Things My Father and Mother Taught Me

by Michael Rubie


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Timeless Common Sense and Good Advice

Although it seems that every new generation has their rallying cry and buzzwords, some things never change. Knowledge, wisdom, interpersonal ethics, and just plain good sense stay the same over the decades. Where do we learn these things? From our parents, of course! And that’s why Mike Rubie wanted to write down some of the best, most memorable, and most useful things he learned from his mom and dad—for the benefit of his family, his colleagues and employees, and anyone lucky enough to pick up this book. From the world of people who believed in honor and a handshake, but who were nobody’s fool, we have a wealth of kind words and motivational concepts. Laugh at yourself . . . a lot. Be victimless. Delegate where you can. Feel good about and be grateful for what you have. Do your best even at a bad job . . . and so much more. Practical, inspirational, and heartwarming, this is the guide you need to living well.


About the Author

Michael Rubie

Mike Rubie is the President and Chairman of the Board of Mountain Supply Co, a Montana-based, locally owned and operated seller and distributor of water supplies, serving Montana. The corporate offices are in Missoula, with branch locations in Bozeman and Billings. Mike Rubie splits his time between Missoula, Montana and Phoenix, Arizona. In his spare time, he is a devotee of horses and team roping.