The Unfaithful Widow

Fragmented Memoirs Of My First Year Alone

by Barbara Barth

The Unfaithful Widow

The Unfaithful Widow

Fragmented Memoirs Of My First Year Alone

by Barbara Barth

Published Apr 20, 2010
244 Pages
Genre: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Personal Memoirs


Book Details

Welcome To My World. Doing All Those Things I Thought I’d Never Do Again.

The Unfaithful Widow is a collection of essays and fragmented thoughts on finding joy again after the loss of a mate. A memoir of the first year alone written with warmth and laughter, no subject is taboo. From dealing with the funeral home (Can I show your our upgraded cremation package? I looked at Miss Death, was I booking a vacation?) to dating again (He ran in the door, looked at me and said “I’ve left something in my car.” He never returned). Sprinkle in a bevy of rescue dogs (Finally a good nights sleep with someone new in my bed.) and those questions you hate to ask (Condoms anyone?). A story for anyone who has suffered loss and is determined to become their own super hero.

The Unfaithful Widow will make your heart ache while tickling your ribs. A deeply heartfelt, candid memoir about rediscovering the joy of living in the wake of death. This book is a testament to love and the emergence of an original voice.” –Philip Nutman, critically acclaimed author of Wet Work and award-winning screenwriter.

Join Barbara as she takes you on a year's journey to find a new life for herself after her husband’s death. Funny, endearing and full of hope, her experiences will make you laugh, bring a tear to your eye and make you shout, "Go Girl" as she reinvents herself as a creative single woman. More than a widow story--this tale is for anyone rediscovering themselves...Patrice Dickey, Your Guide to the Life You Love, and the award winning author of "Back To The Garden: Getting From Shadow To Joy."


Book Excerpt

Two hours later I left the attorney’s office too depressed to go home. So I headed to the antique shop where I have my booth. It seemed the closest and friendliest place I could think of.

“We’ve never seen you in a skirt,” the gal behind the counter remarked and actually clasped her hands in glee.

Now there was someone who could perk you up.

“Just back from dealing with the will,” I replied and made a sad face. Then I did a full curtsey, dipping and holding out my long skirt. “My widow’s outfit.”

I started to relax with the familiarity of the shop and smiled at her.

“Black since I’m a widow and turquoise jewelry ‘cause I’m hip.” I liked the sound of that.

She was looking strangely at me.

“I am hip, aren’t I?” I looked straight at her. She’d better answer that one right.

“The hippest.” She grinned at me with that remark. She was forty-five, skinny and lived on the edge. I was the sixty-year-old widow.

Good answer.


About the Author

Barbara Barth

Barbara Barth is an emerging author living in Decatur, Georgia, a charming town full of art galleries, restaurants and quaint shops minutes from Atlanta. For thirteen years she published a hobby newsletter that had an international subscription following. In addition to writing, she is an antique dealer and jewelry maker and loves a good treasure hunt. She shares her 1950s ranch house with six dogs, five of them from the local animal shelters. There is always an abundance of wagging tails for friends. You are advised not to wear black if you visit. Learn more about Barbara and her pack of hounds at her website