The Ultimate Widower’s Guide: Advice from Men

by Bonnie Merryfield


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Losing a spouse is considered the worst, most painful life experience anyone can experience. Has this catastrophic event occurred in your life? You may be wondering if you can even survive the inner pain and loss. This book can help you get through your grief. You Need to Read This Book!

The Ultimate Widower’s Guide, winner of a 2023 CIPA EVVY award, is an easy-to-read, common sense reference and self-help book for widowers. It contains the insights, advice, and experiences of 21 men who participated in interviews to help new and not-so-new widowers. All were confident their shared experiences would offer hope and encouragement to men whose wife either died suddenly or succumbed to a terminal disease. One widower stated, “Now, you’re a one-man band, and you have to play all the instruments.” The men quoted throughout this book are essential components of the support system you need to accomplish that.

Widowers were focused and sincere as they candidly expressed their views and personal experiences on 24 topics including:

Finding your inner strength


Possible changes in family dynamics

Paying bills and handling finances

Re-entering society

Choosing how you’ll live your life

A journal section concludes each chapter enabling the reader to contemplate what he’s read and apply it to his unique situation.

Included are brief backgrounds of the men quoted and a comprehensive checklist to aid widowers in implementing notifications, changes, and cancellations.

The widowers who contributed to this book have lived through your situation and can identify with the emotions and issues you’re experiencing. They want you to know they survived their passage through the “tunnel of loss and grief” and you can, too.


About the Author

Bonnie Merryfield

Bonnie Merryfield was married for 44 years before being widowed in May 2018. The Ultimate Widower's Guide won a 2023 CIPA EVVY award, as did her book, So Now You’re a Widow: Tips, Advice, and Stories from Widows to Widows, in 2020. A retired high school English teacher, Bonnie is passionate about encouraging surviving spouses to lead rich and productive lives. She resides in Florida and Wisconsin and enjoys socializing, exercising, motivational speaking, and writing.

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