The Truth About Why Are We Divided

by Amir Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Alim


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We are one race of people—the human race—no matter the color of our skin or ethnic background or religious perspective. But our perceived differences have led to hardships that affect everyone. In The Truth About Why We Are Divided, the author asserts that if we do not make a sincere change and unite for the betterment of the earth and every living thing the earth contains, our suffering will only grow. It is time to take responsibility and work as one in an attempt to correct the wrongs we have done to each other and our planet. The Truth About Why We Are Divided is a timely, introspective book that asks, “Why are we divided among our fellow human beings?” It examines man’s ability to destroy and control what he did not create, resulting in the deterioration of our natural environment, our ecosystem. By opening up our minds and rethinking our motives, we can coexist peacefully and harmoniously on this earth—as our Creator intended.


About the Author

Amir Abdur-Rahman Abdul-Alim

About the Author: Br. Amir A Abdul-Alim was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He grew up in a neighborhood community predominately made of up Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses, with a Baptist church nearby, making him aware at an early age of the separation of race and religion between three groups that claim to be of the same faith. This sparked the initial thought process that led to his debut book, The Truth About Why We Are Divided.