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“Phyllis Magold is a brilliant and soulful writer.” — Wynton Marsalis, Artistic Director at Jazz at Lincoln Center

“A Beast No More is supremely evocative of stratified Cleveland in the fifties and sixties. A good read.” — Mary Norris, New York Times best-selling author of Between You and Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen and Greek to Me

“Phyllis Magold has a real gift for bringing stories to life. I can’t wait to see what comes next.” — Gail Klein, NASA scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The life journeys of Brigid, Rosie, and Babs, beloved characters from Magold’s first novel, A Beast No More, continue in The Treasured Egg. Having achieved worldwide success in their respective careers as English professor, zoologist, and NASA scientist, these women approach middle age with a yearning to reconnect with their families, especially their aging mothers, in Cleveland, Ohio. The novel takes the reader through the splendor of Africa, the magic of Ireland, and the pulse of California—always with the underlying rhythm of a woman’s heartbeat. Marriage, music, romance, and cosmic explorations intertwine as the characters rely on their friendship and faith to conquer personal crises of divorce, cancer, and sexism. Dominating the narrative are the women’s close relationships with their mothers, especially when confronting the ravages of Alzheimer’s and the frightening inevitabilities of old age. Many ancient civilizations traditionally revered women who carried “the treasured egg,” the preserver of procreation and survival of the tribes. This story of Brigid, Rosie, and Babs, and their mothers and daughters, honors those traditions of reverence.


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Phyllis Magold

PHYLLIS MAGOLD is a former college professor and secondary English teacher, and an International Baccalaureate Examiner. She has been awarded numerous local, state, and international recognitions for her fiction and nonfiction writing and work in education, including curriculum development and archival writings for Wynton Marsalis Enterprises and Jazz at Lincoln Center. Magold currently lives in Central Ohio, but with roots firmly planted in Cleveland and Parma.

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A Beast No More


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