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What happens when the Tooth Fairy makes a mistake?

When Michael loses his front tooth, he puts it under his pillow, anticipating a visit from the Tooth Fairy. But the Tooth Fairy, in her hurry, accidentally leaves him too much money, which means there won’t be enough money for other children who lose their teeth. Now Michael faces a choice—should he keep the shiny new bike he bought with his windfall or let the White Fairy Rat set things straight?

“Adorable and vibrantly illustrated story, showing children the valuable lesson that even The Tooth Fairy can make a mistake. Read to see how this mistake gets corrected. And, in so doing, children will learn that mistakes can be corrected.”—Marion Goldberger, Retired Elementary School Teacher

“Anyone can make a mistake, including The Tooth Fairy. It is a special boy, who can understand and help make things right. Reading this book will show children, even though they make mistakes, there are ways to correct their mistakes.” —Deborah Sandler, Board member of the Ullman Trust for Education and Health, Mother extraordinaire

“Great-Aunt Rita has crafted an original story that humanizes The Tooth Fairy and teaches that anyone can make a mistake. It shows that mistakes can and should be corrected when possible. This is a fun read that also teaches an important lesson to young children.” —Susan Spitz, Master’s of Journalism, Mother extraordinaire


About the Author

Great-Aunt Rita

Great-Aunt Rita (and she really is GREAT), AKA Rita Berman, M.D., M.P.H. is a dentist’s daughter who has heard a lot of stories about the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy Makes a Mistake is her second children’s book. She and her great-nephew and great-niece, Jake and Elina Farber, wrote Roarasaurus, the Roaring, Soaring Dinosaur!



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