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An uncharted path to destiny

Sometimes all the time in the world seems to be heading to one instance. One man has looked for a treasure his whole life haunted by the past. Following all the clues left by his ancestors he feels he’s closer than ever but time is running out. The grave robbers he encountered in his past are coming for the same treasure and revenge but so are others. Three men are sailing up the coast from Key West to Long Island’s East End unbeknownst to what awaits. The grave robbers are also headed in the same direction with definite plans of what they want. Plans have a way of never working as intended for all the parties involved. Unforeseen chance meetings occurred with these people in the past that will affect everyone. It appears all the players are connected to one another in some way. Between the treasure hunter and his voodoo priestess wife, the three men sailing north and the grave robbers with the girl and the Rastafarian, all have crossed paths in the past. Through a series of adventures and misadventures it all comes to a climax on the East End when the parties come together for the final confrontation.


About the Author

Brock Bodenschatz

Brock Bodenschatz was born in a time before technology controlled every aspect of life. Being a sailor, surfer, motorcyclist and martial artist his life experiences have inspired many of the events in this story.

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