The 10 Commandments Under a Microscope

by O. Ven Ogbebor


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The 10 Commandments. See what lies underneath.

In an order, a performance is expected. In a command, obedience is required. Pretty sure that is why a violation of any one of the Ten Commandments will meet with repercussion. Every association or organization of human beings are guided by laws, ordinances, edicts, rules, regulations, or policies, otherwise, there will be chaos. Every civilize nation is guided by her constitution, and almost all the constitutional provisions in those constitutions are often times the offshoot of the ten commandments, whether you look at it from the Christian perspective or from the perspective of any document guiding any other religion. It therefore means that there are more to the Ten Commandments than just the ten pronouncements made and written down by God in Mount Sinai that He gave to Moses on two stones (Exodus 31:18). In The 10 Commandments Under a Microscope, author and acclaimed preacher, O. Ven Ogbebor took a microscopic view of the Ten Commandments, and what he discovered will amaze you. That is what he is sharing with the world in this book. Read on!


About the Author

O. Ven Ogbebor

O. Ven Ogbebor is a prolific writer, acclaimed preacher, and a motivator filled with the Holy Spirit. He has a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Benin in Nigeria, and two Master of Laws degree from Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, Indianapolis and the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati Ohio. He started his early ministry work in Church of God Mission Int’l (CGMi), Benin City, Nigeria till 2004 when he moved to the United States and joined The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). He has served in various capacities until he answered the call to pastoral ministry in 2013. He is currently the lead pastor at RCCG Dominion Center in Dayton, Ohio. He is married with four children.