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Is There Room for Me in the Tall Tree?

Deep in the forest grows a magnificent tree—the tallest and most beautiful for miles around. It’s not just a tree, though. It is a happy home for a large family of birds and animals. One day, two little mouse brothers, Sammy and Benny, walk past the tree and notice all the different birds and animals living together in perfect harmony. They ask Papa Bird if the tree has room for two small mice. “Of course!” says Papa Bird. Delighted by this welcome, Sammy and Benny move in. But Sammy is an adventurous mouse, and one afternoon he decides to go exploring. He wanders too far and can no longer see the tall tree. The mission to rescue Sammy takes his friends and family on a heartwarming, exciting adventure. Charming and thrilling, with a strong message about the value and importance of diversity, The Tall Tree is sure to become a favorite with readers of all ages.


About the Author

Joseph P. O'Donnell

Joseph P. O’Donnell is a retired pediatric dentist who was a dental educator as well as a private practitioner during his 44-year career. Under the pen name of JP O’Donnell, he is also the author of the mystery thriller series The Gallagher Trilogy, which inspired the 2018 motion picture Bent. Dr. O’Donnell and his wife have two grown children and three beautiful granddaughters.

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