The Spoken Words of Spirit

Lessons From The Other Side

by Jim Fargiano


Book Details

Spirit speaks to you! Learn how to improve your life!

Our lives are influenced on a regular basis by Spirits and loved ones on the other side. The Spoken Words of Spirit is a series of shared messages that have been received on many subjects. These include health, prosperity, relationships and more. There are some messages that reveal Spirit's vision of Earthly matters. Mostly, this is a book that will bring inner peace to yourself and soul if you absorb the intent of these loving messages! Treat yourself to a way for your life to improve; for you to be stronger in numerous ways, both physically and spiritually! The Spoken Words of Spirit is a must read for anyone truly trying to connect to a more passionate and direct avenue to their permanent happiness.


Book Excerpt

Where can two worlds collide and have the outcome feel comforting and peaceful? It would be in our everyday existence, where God and Spirit accompany us during our daily journys, throughout our activities, throughout our lives. With their assistance and subtle reassurances, we as a physical being, are helped to achieve our lessons in life, whether those lessons are to be learned on a soul basis or of the material world. I have come to understand through seemingly countless hours of channeling and meditation that as soon as we think we have Spirit figured out, we are taught something completely new.


About the Author

Jim Fargiano

Jim Fargiano is a student and teacher of the human condition and Spirit's influence on it. He considers everyday a new opportunity to expand knowledge, and shares the guidance he channels from his Spirit teachers. His belief is that the infinite intelligence sent by higher beings helps unleash our ultimate happiness. The Spoken Words of Spirit is a compilation of shared messages from the other side, with work progressing quickly on many others.