The Song of Pounce

Homestead Harmonies

by Nita G. Berquist


Book Details

Can A Really Different Outsider Ever Belong?

Life for Pounce is upside down. He is thrown away, cruelly treated; a housecat dishonored by people, chased by wild animals, and faced with strange adventures. Can he live up to his name and boldly pounce on life in spite of his fears? Will wild animals, loud people, and large farm animals intimidate him into cowering through life?


About the Author

Nita G. Berquist

Pounce is a cat story––tragic, funny, simple, and profound. Yet, he discovers that making tough decisions in the face of trouble can cement true friendship, and he finds that innocence is not an impossible handicap to overcome. Finally, Pounce’s love for learning keeps him singing, for he knows that singing your way through life is a very good thing for a cat, or anyone, to do.

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