The Slayer Chronicles: Community

Book 1 of the Homeland Trilogy

by Sean Senovich


Book Details

All Slayers die twice....

Almost six years have passed since the Deadgeddon and nearly five since the TVs went dark. Having survived numerous untold horrors in a dead land, Christine Jordan is at the end of her rope. Stranded in a blinding snowstorm in an SUV on an unknown highway who knows where and with only one companion left, her biggest worry at the moment is not about survival. With the shock of losing her other companions still fresh and no food at hand, Christine knows she’s going to die. The Zombie Slayers, Evincar, and his compatriot Misty, patrol the area around an old frontier store, where the people from the nearby Community of Haven are salvaging goods on a cold winter day. A seemingly routine trip will lead to a life-changing encounter for all and no one’s world will ever be the same again.


About the Author

Sean Senovich

Born in 1978, growing up in a good home that saw the development of the cable system and home video, I watched it all! From the classic black and white horror movies my dad grew up with, to the B-rated seventies stuff, to the eighties horror classics and beyond, my questions were always, “Well, what happens after?” and “Why don’t more people fight?” Well, here’s how I see it . . .



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