The Sinner & the Saint

A Book of Poems, Short Stories & Photographs

by Tracy Chabrier


Book Details

Even though tears are present, there will always be sunshine in my eyes, because of you.

In this debut of her freshman works, Tracy Chabrier draws from her real-life experiences with heartbreak to take the reader through an emotional rawness, and then soothes with the balm of her beautiful photography. She will have you on the verge of tears one moment, as you are taken back to memories of your own loves lost & broken hearts and laughing out loud the next. Sarcasm is her weapon of choice, but Tracy always relies on her faith and humor to see her through. Just how many times can a lady pick up the pieces of her broken heart anyway? As many times as it takes until the right one heals her heart forever. Tracy lets us know in an honest and real way that we are not alone and that the night is always darkest before the dawn. Then once again she offers us encouragement to never give up hope. She’s the friend you’ve always wanted to have with whom to share your darkest secrets. Tracy is down-to-earth and personable which will contribute to her being a favorite of her fans for years to come.


About the Author

Tracy Chabrier

Tracy Chabrier has been writing since she was a young child. Her closest friends during her childhood were books stacked in the corner, always near and comforting. At the age of 10 Tracy received her first camera as a birthday gift from her parents. She has not been out of arm’s length of one since. Tracy’s first job was shelving books at the public library. There she met “the one who got away.” Tracy Chabrier was born in north central Illinois in the French-Canadian Heritage Corridor of Kankakee County, within just a few miles of several generations of her farmer-ancestors. She now resides on the “busiest city corner, in the middle of nowhere, in the western suburbs of Chicago,” with her youngest son, their 2 dogs & 4 cats. You can find Tracy managing the office of a small accounting firm in Rolling Meadows during the day. In her free time, when she is not writing, Tracy enjoys running her newly formed nonprofit, and visiting with family & friends.