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“Mi-Chan” Mihoko Namura took the last train to Hiroshima on the morning of August 6, 1945. In a flash of brilliant light, the atomic bomb devastated her city and forever changed her life.

Five years later, at a US Air Base, the genteel, vulnerable Mi-Chan meets a handsome Black American, “Sonny” Charles Drake, Jr.—a hip, brash American who instantly steals her heart. Ultimately the two are forced to part ways, and their love story unfolds across continents as each one undergoes tremendous tribulations before they can at last be reunited.

This is an interracial love story about hope—about overcoming odds and challenging taboos. It features a rich tapestry of characters set against a backdrop of turbulent and life-changing world history, and the story will hold special meaning for modern-day readers as our world undergoes its own global turning point.

The Silk Box is a poignant tale of love and courage that will unite all hearts.


About the Author

Shirley Mihoko Hairston

Shirley Mihoko Hairston was born in an Army hospital in Fukuoka, Japan, shortly after the Korean War, to Mihoko, a Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor, and Charles, an African-American paratrooper in the Korean War. She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, but moved west to attend UCLA, where she obtained a degree in history. She is married to Ron Hairston and is the mother of Tamiko and Ronald, and grandmother to KJ (Kelvin Hunter, Jr.).



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