The Seventh Sense

The Key to Your Effectiveness in Life and Business

by Brendan J. Cunningham

The Seventh Sense

The Seventh Sense

The Key to Your Effectiveness in Life and Business

by Brendan J. Cunningham

Published Jul 27, 2010
178 Pages
Genre: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Success


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The Secret to Getting Your Life into High Gear

In this his second book, Brendan J. Cunningham reveals the Power of the Seventh Sense and guides the reader through to a new understanding on how they can make this incredible force work for them. YOU will discover exactly what one ancient Philosopher knew about it and how it later influenced the incredible reigns of two of Rome's most influential and powerful emperors: Marcus Aurelius and Hadrian (Hadri-who? That's right, he's the guy that had that wall built dividing the island nation of England into two pieces). YOU will learn how one Medal of Honor recipient used it and became one of America's greatest heroes. YOU will gain a new understanding of the Power that rests in each us. Using countless examples and a vast series of exercises, you will be able to tap into this frequently dormant sense so you can maximize all that you can do and learn to achieve more than those around you. If you only read one book this year and you are serious about becoming all that you can be, you need to read "the Seventh Sense..."

"...a blueprint for success."

Victoria Kelley, R.Sc.P International Centers for Spiritual Living

"A Must Read….The Seventh Sense unlocks the intuition within us and gives us the inspiration, courage and tools to fulfill our greatest dream, reach our goals, and find the inner peace and happiness that is our birth right. Brendan J. Cunningham provides the missing pieces that will jolt your world and change your life. With intelligence, sincerity and style this book has strength and class. Eloquent, inspiring, thoughtful and often humorous you will view your reality from a more expansive and powerful perspective. I highly recommend this book for those who want more success in the business world and more happiness in their personal life. Brendan J. Cunningham has truly given us a blueprint for success."

"In 6 weeks, I have utilized the principles in this book to effectively make changes in my business strategy and business identity."

Gary Occhino, PGA Professional Golfer

"This book should make an impact to your bottom line for your business and personal SUCCESS!

Sonya Swinton, national radio host and publisher of Internet Celebrity Magazine and Radio Show

"...packed with exercises and strategies that get you moving right away."

Bonnie Pond, Life Coach and Host of "the Relaunch Your Life" Radio Show

"If you are looking for ways to move from indecision and vagueness to clarity and action in your life, you need to read this book. Brendan Cunningham's writing gets right to the heart of the matter. Using examples from ancient history, movies, and real life, his insights and common sense approach to getting what you want in life are right on target. This book isn't just a theoretical approach. It's packed with exercises and strategies that get you moving right away. Cunningham provides a clear roadmap to tap into your own Seventh Sense and does so with humor, intelligence, and sensitivity. No matter what your age or where you are in life right now, this book will inspire you to shift your attitude, broaden your perspective, and move into your own greatness."

the missing link from "The Secret"... and if you never saw (read) "The Secret," - well, this book is a better use of your time anyway..."

E. G. Sebestyen (Beaufort, SC)

..."As you read The Seventh Sense, you get a sense of empowerment, feeling like "Yes, I can do this!!!" The book is filled with worksheets and easy-to-follow strategies. If you liked "The Secret" but you were wondering why the checks with big dollar amounts did not start to appear in your mailbox, you'll love this book. This book is definately providing the missing link from "The Secret"... and if you never saw "The Secret," - well, this book is a better use of your time anyway... I really enjoyed reading it; and as the days go by, I find myself trying to use my 7th sense on daily basis. I highly recommend it!!!"

"We all have it. He shows us how to find it and use it."

Lou Thomas, Labor Consultant

"This book gets right to the point—You can get out of life what you are willing to put into it. Brenden J. Cunningham brought me on a journey that was brilliant in concept and simple in application. His ability to make his point was enhanced by his wit and humor in his use of personal stories, world personalities, movies and inside information on familiar events. This book is an excellent read for people of all ages no matter what their dreams or aspirations. Mr Cunningham points out that The Key to Effectiveness in Life and Business Is to be a better person. We all want it. We all have it. He shows us how to find it and use it. I am a Labor Consultant with over 40 years of experience: I highly Recommend."

AJ Owen, Career Counselor " matter the obstacles. The book provides prudent reality checks to keep dreamers motivated."

"Brendan goes further to describe what mindframe you must cultivate in place of the simple "can do attitude." Each chapter includes Creative Problem Solving (CPS) techniques to help the reader formulate action plans. These plans help readers overcome struggles related to cultivating the 7th Sense... no matter the obstacles. The book provides prudent reality checks to keep dreamers motivated, yet grounded in what it takes to succeed. I finished this reviewer's copy in one night. Nice, quick read, particularly if you're motivated."

"...tap into this "secret power" be able to confront and overcome difficult situations....I love this book!"

Laurie Pehar Borsh, Radio Talk Show Host "Executive Profiles.."

"Having had the pleasure of interviewing Brendan Cunningham on my internet radio program (Executive Profiles...), I had the pleasure of reading this book "hot off the press"... The Seventh Sense: The Key to Your Effectiveness in Life and Business - is so powerful, yet so simple in that MOST people have this certain fear that inhibits the ability to tap into this "secret power" (or seventh sense as Brendan has named it)in order to be able to confront and overcome difficult situations. Having the "inner power" to do this will only help us realize our ultimate and true goals! It is the power to sense what will happen beyond the reality of any situation (good or bad) that will support anyone in personal and business growth. I love this book!"

"Fantastic how the Seventh Sense can work for you."

Keith R. Braun, President, Signature Property Inspections

"After reading Brendan Cunningham's second book, "The Seventh Sense - The Key to Effectiveness in Life and Business", I can hardly wait for the next. This is classic Brendan Cunningham at his finest. If you haven't had the opportunity to read one of Brendan's books, enjoy hearing him speak, or experience one of his seminars, then you are truly missing out on a master communicator. Full of facts, great historical references and humor, this book will not tell you what you want to hear - it will tell you what you need to know. Read this book to discover how the Seventh Sense can work for you."

"If you are serious about anything in your life and you want to confirm that you are doing the right things, read this book."

Greg Liberto, President of

"Forget about surrounding yourself with successful people, start to surround yourself with those that possess the 7th Sense. What is the 7th Sense? In a nutshell, it is that passion within you that allows you to move things forward and make things happen in your life, no matter what. Do you have it? In the book, the 7th Sense, Brendan provides specific examples to expose you to what makes up your 7th Sense. If you are serious about anything in your life and you want to confirm that you are doing the right things, read this book. If you want to learn more about yourself, read this book. If you want to see how to create positive change in your life, read this book."

”A Must Read for Anyone That Wants to Grow Their Business”

Carol Esposito, Licensed Professional Realtor

"The Seventh Sense is a must read for anyone that wants to expand their business and to grow as a person. It’s thought provoking, enlightening, and at many times entertaining. Brendan J. Cunningham’s wonderful sense of humor and his realistic approach to sharing his knowledge of the deeper senses that lie within each of us makes this an enjoyable and informative read. This book will help each and every person that reads it tap into their Seventh Sense. As a Real Estate Agent, I know this book with help me grow my business. It’s a book that I would highly recommend!"

"An effective guide to business and personal growth."

Ronald J. Leonardi, Actor, Director

"After reading Cunningham's second book, I realize that we share more than the same middle initial. We also share a passion for truth. The Seventh Sense is Cunningham's successful attempt at showing business people from all walks of life that there is a dormant ability, or "sense", that each of us can maximize. We are introduced to ourselves right from the beginning. Cunningham cleaverly leads us through seeing our attitudes and limitations in a new light. There is a particularly apt chapter on happiness that is worth the cover price of this book alone. Seriously, if you're in business, real estate or otherwise, this book is a must read. We all have the ability to work smarter, more confidently and with a winning EDG! I highly recommend this book for anyone in business seeking a better way to stay focused on the things that truly make a difference in life and business."


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About the Author

Brendan J. Cunningham

Executive Coach and Fortune 500 Business Consultant, Brendan has vast experience in developing people so that their full potential can be achieved. That way everyone’s bottom line is improved. His personal bottom line is often times summed up when he unabashedly tells his clients, “I get paid for results, (and some say, “I get paid a lot.” They all say “I produce a lot.”) He is a recognized expert in the Real Estate industry with over $1 Billion in life time brokerage and sales and his secrets are revealed in his previous book “Tricks of the Trade: a Real Estate Broker’s Inside Advice into Buying and Selling a Home,” (Adams Media Corporation 2004). With over 1500 speaking engagements to his credit, throughout the U. S. and Canada, he stands ready to get you and your team to the next level, using a coaching and consulting methodology described by some as one part, Dr Phil, two parts General Patton, with a jigger of Columbo thrown in for taste.



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