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So many lies and so much mayhem in one tiny town!

On a rainy summer day in the town of Naves Grove Mona realizes she is going into labor. Mona’s 12-year old son and her friend Sandy head straight for the hospital because of Mona’s history of pre-mature labors resulting in fetal loss. After a very difficult delivery, Sandy and Jason have decisions to make as they embark upon a journey that leads them to a bond of uncertainty. During their journey, Sandy and Jason are tortured with missing pieces from their past involving Mona’s sister, Emily, and a mysterious man lost in history, just to rise again. Why did Emily leave the town of Naves Grove so long ago, and does Emily, one of the town’s citizens, and the mysterious man hold the key to Jason, Sandy, and Sara’s past and their future? These secrets and lies have held the residents of this tiny town captive for years! The Secrets About “That Night ” is a novel jammed-packed with mystery, intrigue, compassion, and love.


Book Excerpt

This adventure and eyeopening series of events take place on a summer day. It all begins as an average day, when Mona goes to the "Heaven Hospital" to give birth to her child Sara. In the process secret things become known and a decision has to be made by her son, Jason and his neighbor at the time, Sandy. The story revolves around Sara, a small infant that gets a rough start to life. Events take place and soon Jason and Sandy find out that a whole town is filled with secrets and deceptions that date way back into history. An exstinquished leader of the town holds the key to some secrets that find themselves trapping a whole town of people captive! Sandy takes a flight to the windy city of Chicago, where she finds out about her past, Jason's past, her sister's past and everyone elses past! She learns of an accident that she thought happened one way, but finds out she has been lied to her whole life! Other truths come to light after her visit with her sister. Emily and a few choice other members of the town of "Naves Grove" harbers secrets that will impact the lives of that tiny town forever! A book full of twists, plots, mysteries, content for the others and then love finds a way to end it all. A family book for the very young to the very old. How will Sandy pick up the pieces of the shatter lives that secrets have ruined. Find out after reading, THE NIGHT OF- "THE SECRETS!" br>
Sample text:

"You mean to tell me that my husband really isn't dead?" searched Sandy. "Oh, he's dead now, alright. He just did not die in the auto accident along with his friend, like everyone told you that he did," voiced Emily. "Justin was thrown clear of the car when it hit the underlying trees. Justin was not a stupid man! He just made it seem that two bodies died in the explosion that night. I will tell you later how he pulled that one off!" said Emily. "But why did he stage his own death?" interrupted Sandy."In time I will tell you little sister," said Emily softly, almost sorry for something.


About the Author

Shirl T. Cook

Shirl Cook has always wanted to touch hearts and for people to loose themselves in hope and happiness, even if for a little while. She has also wanted darkness to become light in reflections of the heart. The Secrets About “That Night” is her first novel.



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