The Rooftop Christmas Tree

Miracles Happen

by Landria Onkka


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Inspired by a true story, this Christmas romance ends with a miracle you will never forget.

No one in the small southern town of Rosedale knows why reclusive Mr. Landis places a lit Christmas tree on the roof of his deteriorating home. But, he has hauled it up there for as long as anyone can remember, landing him in Judge Conner’s courtroom every year and earning jail time just in time for Christmas. Having grown up on his street, defense attorney Sarah Wright remembers the troubled household and reaches out to help the man, but he refuses. When former best friend and law school mate, John Rivera reappears in Rosedale after a long and mysterious absence, things get interesting. Refusing to admit romantic feelings for him or to forgive him for his unexplained departure, the two are at odds until Judge Conner takes matters into his own hands. With only a few days until Christmas, the Judge imposes the task of rectifying the Landis case for good. Their deadline is Christmas Day, an impossible feat that pushes them to the limits. Forced to pull their resources together, the young attorneys must set differences aside and soon discover that not all is as it seems in their world or their troubled Mr. Landis’s. Inspired by a true story, the life changing and shocking ending is a testament to unwavering faith, hope, romance, and miracles . . . just in time for Christmas.


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Grand Prize Winner of the Hollywood Book Fest Awards 2015 & Winner of The New England 2014 Book Fest in Fiction, "Honorable Mention" Boston, January 2015. To be released as a television movie in December 2016.


About the Author

Landria Onkka

Landria Onkka has been an award winning writer since age 10. She has been an investment banker for 20 years and after she experienced her own life changing events she was prompted to write and publish her first book which won two awards and is a Hallmark and Amazon Prime television movie. Landria has several writing scholarships and has lived in Sweden, Germany, and Washington D.C. Now based in Florida, Landria writes books and movies, is an internet influencer, spiritual teacher, internet business expert, and hosts a popular YouTube channel.

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